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Claris FileMaker

FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple, is a reliable low-code / rapid application development framework for any task, which you can deploy according to your needs. FileMaker ensures optimal efficiency in your day-to-day operations and is particularly strong at combining and reporting information when it is scattered or fragmented. If you are looking for a stable, innovative and robust platform with which you want to offer customers, partners or employees a reliable application, FileMaker is the solution.

In combination with FileMaker, FMECOM creates your own professional application together with you. This fits seamlessly with your organization or the organization of your customer and optimizes business operations. FMECOM ensures that you innovate safely and securely and always maintain a business advantage over the competition.

FileMaker is the professional and leading Workplace Innovation Platform with which you can make a huge business leap forward in the technological field; daily activities are streamlined and location-independent work becomes reality. In short, if you choose FileMaker, you choose clout.

Rapid application / low-code development

Recent forecasts leave no doubt about the future of the low-code / rapid application development market. This development continues to grow and the end is not yet in sight. For example, Gartner predicts that low-code / rapid access development will be responsible for more than 65 percent of all application development by 2024. Furthermore, the low-code market is expected to be worth as much as $ 21 billion by 2022. So you can say that software development is on the eve of a major productivity revolution, Enterprise rapid applications and low-code platforms such as Claris are fortunately prepared for this.

FileMaker Specialists

FileMaker enables our specialists to develop cross-platform applications very quickly, based on the latest technology, which provides, optimizes and advises an organization in its information needs. In addition to the fact that FileMaker is extremely suitable for order processing, stock management, collection management, relationship management, fulfillment and sales management, another highly valued point is that our specialists, also known as integrators, are specialized in sifting through, solving and advising business processes that do not to have available. These are processes that belong to a niche market.

No wonder millions of professionals rely on FileMaker every day. Not only the business community, but also governments, the education sector and research centers use it to manage all information effortlessly. The big advantage is that it does not matter on which device (cross platform) or type of format you want to use the information.