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FileMaker development at FMECOM

FileMaker development is all about developing software applications that impress your organization. At FMECOM, we are happy to develop these types of applications together with you and your colleagues. This way we know for sure that the applications we build based on FileMaker will not only impress internally, but also towards your customers and the rest of the world.

Thanks to the FileMaker platform, our developers are able to create modern and secure apps in a short time. The applications work on both Mac and Windows, and if your need is that it has to run in a web browser environment, we at FMECOM specializes in creating WebDirect explicit solutions. This is great if you have customers that would want to access their data if your data model allows for it.

The possibilities of FileMaker development enable us to create all kinds of apps. Whether your applications need to be suitable for a wide audience from a browser or work specifically on a tablet or smartphone. We ensure that the desired functionality for your organization is available to everyone who is allowed to work with it. We do this for web shops, ERP applications, Marketing Automation tools, Sales Management applications and reseller applications.

Within FileMaker development there are various tools with which you can use the application that we develop for you. Namely; FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. Our developers therefore always develop 1 FileMaker application for both backend (data) and frontend (UI).

The application can then be used on laptops and desktops (Mac / PC) by means of FileMaker Pro. Do you want to open the application on an iOS device? Then you can use the same application by opening it with FileMaker Go.

The uniqueness of this is that we technically develop 1 application that can be used for both desktop and iOS devices. This saves a lot of time compared to other platforms where a laptop or desktop environment is often developed and a separate application for iOS devices is also set up. Thanks to the possibilities of FileMaker development you have 1 application and therefore only 1 time the costs and time of development.

As you can see in the image below, we develop one application once, only 1 server is needed and thanks to the FileMaker Platform you can use the application on multiple devices. That is the uniqueness of FileMaker!