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About Us

FMECOM is a company that specialises in FileMaker Development, integrating systems to other API’s, and to write functions for PHP, Java, JavaScript that would connect to hosted FileMaker solutions.

FMECOM also endeavor to convert your current FileMaker solution to run in WebDirect. Although WebDirect has some limitations, FMECOM has found solutions that would work in that environment. This is good if you have an office that would benefit from a FileMaker solution, but that the licensing cost is too much. FMECOM host solutions specifically for your WebDirect Needs, but also host your FileMaker solution on a shared hosting platform.

So, here I am now, Filemaker Developer and Web Developer. Integrating the two platforms to make it as easy as possible for a client to manage their own site.

If a Claris hosted solution is not for you, but you still would like to have your own hosted FileMaker solution, and you don’t want to layout the expenses to buy your own server, we can help you setup a solution. Contact us to see what we can do for you, and give you a quote for what you need.

If you have a need, either to fix up your current solution, create a new solution, or to advise you, feel free to contact us and will help you, and will advise on a way forward.