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FileMaker specialist since 2008

Impressive FileMaker applications with a great user experience, who wouldn't want that? From the very first version of FileMaker, subsidiary of Apple, FMECOM specializes in FileMaker pro and we create applications for e-commerce, order processing, marketing automation, finance, sales CRM and business applications.

This has the advantage for you that we develop super fast and can offer your customers a safe, trendy and mega stable experience. Plus, we use FileMaker to create applications that look great and work on any device imaginable. Windows, Mac, tablets, smartphones, anything with a screen and a browser gets better and better with apps from FileMaker.

FileMaker development

We can build anything you can think of when it comes to online (web) applications. From advanced search functions to complex administrative actions.

Web development

In addition to our broad and deep knowledge and extensive experience in FileMaker, we also have a highly motivated web development team.

They not only ensure that your FileMaker environment works well with other applications, they also build everything you want online. Do you need an impressive web app, online tools or handy web links? Our specialists make it. Fast, professional, safe and user-friendly.